Winners 2011


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This award is presented by Bayer New Zealand to the best overall entry.  The Supreme Award winner is chosen from all categories.

2011 WINNER - Vend Ltd


Vend is a revolutionary cloud based point-of-sale (POS) loved by bricks and mortar retailers all over the world. The Vend POS runs in a web browser, on PCs, Macs, iPads and Android tablets. It is a full strength retail management solution, it is easy to setup, scalable across multiple stores, simple to use and extremely cost effective at one tenth of the cost of a traditional system.

Previous Winners

Sir Ray Avery (Mondiale Technologies), Ross McKenzie (Old Fashioned Foods), Ian McRae (Orion Health), Dr Stephen Goldson (AgResearch), Rod Walker (Simcro).


Emerging Innovator Award

This award is given to an organisation that has made a commitment to developing a new technology, product or service that will transform the way we work and live.

2011 WINNER – HaloIPT


HaloIPT is a start-up company that possesses intellectual property and know-how which is unique in the field of wireless charging for electric vehicles. HaloIPT's wireless charging products use induction power transfer ("IPT") to transfer power between a transmitter pad in the ground and a receiver pad on the vehicle. HaloIPT has been granted a worldwide license over the portfolio of patents to develop and commercialise the IPT system for use in the field of road vehicle application exclusively.


Most Inspiring Individual Award

This award is given to an individual that has shown outstanding innovation success in their field of expertise, either through the development of intellectual property or through the launch of a new venture.

2011 WINNER - Steve Martin, Virtual Lesson Project


Howick College head of junior science Steve Martin has spent the past three years working on a new model of learning that can be put into practice in every classroom."I've been working on a new teaching framework that can be used by teachers and students". "It values creativity, trial and error and imagination. It covers all levels of thinking from the high end to the lower end of the scale so it stretches brighter students yet still caters for those who aren't at that level."


Innovation in Design and Engineering

2011 WINNER - HaloIPT (Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles)

The first company in the world to make Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) wireless charging for the electric car commercially available.


Innovation in Environment and Agriculture

2011 WINNER - C-Dax Ltd (PastureMeter)

The PastureMeter is a machine that identifies how much feed a paddock contains as well as areas of poor pasture, enabling more efficient fertiliser application.


Innovation in Information Communications Technology

2011 WINNER - Vend Ltd

Vend won the Innovation in ICT category as wall as the Supreme New Zealand Innovators Award in 2011. Vend is a revolutionary cloud based point-of-sale (POS) loved by bricks and mortar retailers all over the world.


Innovation in Manufacturing

2011 WINNER - EnaSolar (Solar Inverter)

A range of Cool Solar Inverters for the global market with built in wi-fi and statistics package for tracking data.


Innovation in Marketing and Communications

2011 WINNER - Draft FCB (The Journal)

The Journal is an online resource for treating depression. Draft FCB combined advertising, technology, and psychology to create a solution that dramatically improved treatment rates, via a website called The Journal


Innovation in Health and Science

2011 WINNER - Magritek Limited

Magritek creates innovative products in the fields of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


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