Entering the New Zealand Innovators Awards is easy and it’s all done online.

    We have outlined the simple 3 step process below ;

    STEP ONE: Draft your entry in the entry template 

    STEP TWO: Click on the button below and complete the entry form.

    STEP THREE: Pay for your entry or entries online.

    Please Note:

    • For the purposes of this entry ‘innovation project’ constitutes the product, service, process, venture or company that you are entering.
    • There is an entry fee of $75.00+GST per entry that is payable via credit card after your submission has been made.
    • You may enter a single entry in up to three categories (each entry will incur an entry fee).
    • If you would like to enter more than one category: once you have completed your first entry, click 'submit' and you will be prompted to 'submit another entry'. You can pay for all of your entries once when you have finished, in one transaction.