Why Enter

Because innovation is hard and we reckon you deserve to be celebrated!

Sometimes the grind of business can make us forget what we’re actually achieving. This is an opportunity for you to sit back, think about what you’ve accomplished and give yourself a good ol’ high five!

It's also a chance to promote your business, the great work you do, and the people you work with.

Take this opportunity to share your work with other innovators who understand the toil it takes to get as far as you have. It doesn’t matter if you are at research stage, pre-launch or a fully-fledged commercial business - we want you to enter.

After all, who doesn't want national press coverage, a bright orange trophy, and lots of love and attention!

And if that's not enough, then here are some more great reasons to enter...

1. Enter for national pride

We punch above our weight on an international stage when it comes to innovation in New Zealand, so we need to profile our success and celebrate our emerging innovation heroes.

2. Boost your profile

Raise your personal and company profile. The NZ Innovation Awards had a brand reach of 3.4 million impressions in 2017. Finalists and winners will receive widespread media coverage about their achievements across radio, TV and print, thanks to our amazing media partners Mediaworks and Idealog. Get noticed by businesses and decision-makers across multiple industries and sectors.

3. Access industry experts and innovation leaders

Entering gives you the opportunity to engage with New Zealand's national innovation and business growth community. By entering you become a FREE member of the NZ Innovation Council which gives you access to a raft of innovation and business growth resources, events, and quality business information at your fingertips.

4. Gain great business advice from our expert evaluators

Gain great business insights and valuable feedback from our national industry and innovation specialists. Enter and receive valuable feedback about your innovation entry from our expert evaluation team.

5. Attract and retain top talent

Successful businesses retain and attract innovative fresh thinking staff and win customers. Become part of the national innovation community and make a commitment to staff that you have started your innovation journey.

6. Meet the investor network and attract funding

Winning at the New Zealand Innovation Awards will help you to attract the right people to your business, help you to connect to new investors, funding channels, development partners and industry organisations that can help you to grow and flourish. Meet investors and business experts at the New Zealand Innovation Awards celebration held on the 19th October, 2017.

Don't be shy! Enter now and share your story of innovation success.





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