Evaluation Process

We’re not ones to judge – instead, we prefer to evaluate… below is how we go about it. Here’s what happens to your entry or entries once you push “submit”.

Step One: Assess

Your submission will be given to our expert evaluation panel who will assess it against the EVALUATION CRITERIA. Each entry will be evaluated by a minimum of 3 evaluators, who are experts / specialists in your industry.

Step Two: Aggregate

Results from each evaluator's assessment will be aggregated to produce an overall score for your submission. All submissions are then ranked.

Step Three: Moderate

Entries are moderated by the evaluation panel in two moderation sessions to determine finalists and winners. Due diligence will be carried out on each finalist and winner to verify their entry prior to announcement.

Step Four: Announce

Finalists will be announced online at www.innovationawards.org.nz on the 5th September. Plenty of time to get your tickets before the New Zealand Innovation Awards event which will be held on the 19th October. All entrants, regardless of their ranking, are invited to attend the Awards event to celebrate and mix with New Zealand’s top innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.

Step Five: Feedback

We are proud to provide you all with valuable feedback on your entry from our evaluators. After all, what's the point of getting all those great minds together if we don't put them to good use! So we ask the evaluation team to provide personal feedback on your entry to help you on your innovation and growth journey. We will send this to you after the Awards event, in November.





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