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    See all the winners from the NZ Innovation Awards 2016: Idealog Article

    Our friends at Idealog, profile all the 2016 NZ Innovation Award winners.
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    Radio/TV Interviews with our 2016 Innovation Award Winners

    Hear from a few of our 2016 New Zealand Innovation Award winners

    ARANZ Medical with Silohuette and FastSCAN- Bayer Supreme NZ Innovation 2016 - Interview with Paul Henry

    Jamie Beaton: Crimson Education - Young NZ Innovator 2016 - Inteview with Mark Sainsbury

    Jenene Crossan: - Most Inspiring Individual 2016 Interview with Duncan Garner

    Kevin Halsall: Ogo Technology - Personal Mobiloty Device - Innovation in Design & Engineering 2016 - Interview with Willie Jackson and Alison Mau

    Marcus Wild: 90Seconds - Innovation in Media, Mobile & Entertainment 2016 - Interview with Vaughn Davis

    Ariana Paul: Squiggle - Young Engineers - Innovation in Maori Development 2016 - Interview with Carly Flynn


    Wish We'd Thought of That - Social Edition

    Social Innovation Inspiration

    Thinking of things in a different way. It's not business as usual and these thinkers are tackling some serious social issues with a stroke of genius innovative approaches. 


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    Wish We'd Thought of That - Mobile Marvels!

    Media, Mobile & Entertainment inspiration

    Mobile. We're on our phones seemingly all day, every day. That doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon, and with our devices doing more that ever before, here are some ideas that will make you want to drop whatever else you're doing and click 'install' right away.

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    Wish We'd Thought of That - Communications Special!

    Marketing & Communications inspiration

    Products, services and business would be nothing without a comprehensive marketing and communications campaign. We've had some amazing winners and finalists in this category in the past, here Idealog gives insight into some great campaigns. 

     Communications Special

    Wish We'd Thought of That - 2015 winners

    Taking a glance back at 2015's finalists

    Some snippets shared about the Innovators who finalled in the awards last year. Nine bolts of Innovation Inspiration spanning all industries from Food; to Engineering; to Technology (and everything in between)

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    Wish We'd Thought of That - It's better living everybody 

    Health & Science Inspiration

    Showcasing some interesting New Zealand innovations that would fit into the Innovation in Health & Science Category. Game Changing Solutions in the world of Health and Science


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    Wish We'd Thought of That - The taste of Innovation 

    Food & Beverage Inspiration

    Jealousy-inspiring ideas that would fit into the food and beverage category. Some ideas that will sate your appetite for innovation 


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    Wish We'd Thought of That - Arming the Future with smart Education & Training

    Education, Training & Development Inspiration

    A new category for the 2016 NZ Innovation Awards take a look at these excellent examples and ideas of Innovators. Paving the way in Education, Training & Development. 

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     Wish We'd Thought of That - Saving the World one Sustainable Innovation at a time

    Sustainability & Cleantech Inspiration

    Taking a look at some inspiring Sustainability and Clean Tech initiatives; business and organisations. Conscious and innovative solutions that are helping to change the world one step at a time. 


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     Wish We'd Thought of That - Automation is awesome 

    Automatic Inspiration

    Some of the wonderful things that have been created to save us precious time and help us avoid menial tasks. Move over cat videos time for the automative innovations to shine. 

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     Wish We'd Thought of That - Transport Special 

    Transportation Inspiration

    It's a bike, no is it a plane it's some super interesting ways to get from A - B.
    Check out some of these technological ideas that take transport to a whole new level. 


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