As part of our mission to celebrate innovative individuals and companies who are doing wonderful things, we traipse the best of the best around New Zealand to tell their story. We call it the Innovation Heroes series.

    This year we took five of our 2015 award-winners to four centres of New Zealand and got them to share their story – they talked to our crowd about their successes, their outlook, failures they’ve had that they’ve learnt from and what they really think about innovation. It was enlightening stuff! 

    Not only do we get to profile and tell the stories of these amazing people, but our keen audience get to listen to opinion leaders who have been-there-done-that and trod the same entrepreneurial path. Attendees also get to meet potential business partners and investors, a move that can literally be business changing. 


    Feel like you missed out?

    Yep, you did. But we have a great consolation prize: you can watch videos of each of the innovation heroes right here...and read more about them care of Idealog. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

    8i - Toni Moyes

    Winner - Innovation in Media Music and Entertainment 2015

    Kode Biotech - Stephen Henry

    Supreme NZ Innovator 2015 and Winner - Innovation in Health and Science 2015

    Eat My Lunch - Lisa King

    Excellence in Social Innovation 2015

    Martin Jet Pack - Glenn Martin

    Most Inspiring Individual

    Wierdly - Dale Clareburt

    Emerging NZ Innovator