We have a history of innovation in New Zealand - in our communities, our personalities and in our DNA. Our interest and passion to create new things, find new solutions and develop new products and ventures makes us a nation of great kiwi innovators.

The New Zealand Innovator Awards, open for entries 12th June 2014, aims to celebrate and recognise innovators and innovations such as these.

There are many innovations in our world that go unrecognised, yet have become a regular and essential part of our daily lives. The New Zealand Innovators Awards seeks to unearth & celebrate these nationally.

The New Zealand Innovators Awards celebrates and recognises great kiwi innovations, inventors and organisations that have invested in developing new products, services and ventures as well as improving the performance of their people & teams.

Key Milestones 2014:

  • Entries Open - 12 June
  • Entries Close - 14 August
  • Finalists Announced - 10 September
  • Awards Cocktail Evening - 15 October

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